Steampunkin' Hipters

Wooo, new down @Zombie Suicide! Steampunk masks!
 Oh yeah, she went there, haha. These babies are fantastic too. Ranging from a low total of 175-200L apiece or the fattypack for 800L. And, each mask comes with a multitude of colour options.. So come and get em!! Also, don't forget about that massive sale going on too!

 .+~+. Pieces worn in Le Outfit .+~+.

Mask ~ ! ! ! NEW ! ! ! :Z.S: Steampunk Gas Mask 

Skin ~ .::Mother Goose's::. Anika LB 

Shape ~ :Z.S: KaLynn Shape

Eyes ~ Chus! Purity Eyes - Lime @ Chus!

Hair ~ >TRUTH< Nora 2 - Gingers @ TRUTH Hairs with their bloggity blog

Tattoos ~ .:HeNu:. I am the Beat (personal tat not sold) @ The .:HeNu:. Mainstore

-UtopiaH- Vice of the Wicked

Makeup ~ *Janis* Red Hot Beauty Box @ this one place lol

Ears ~ [MI] Cat-Person Parts - Black 

Tail ~ {Lemon Tea} Short Hair Neko Tail @ {Lemon Tea} and look at this fantastic BLOGGGGG

Piercings ~ :Z.S: Smile Piercing

:Z.S: Tragic Belly Piercing

Necklace ~ [BND] Vintage Cage Long Chain Bird.Next.Door. plus they have their own B L O G

Rings ~ ( R E D ) M I N T Gift 08'11 @ Their Inworld Store and check this out too!

:Z.S: Rainbow Nails n Rings Set

Outfit ~ :Z.S: Hipster Outfit White n Black

Shoes ~ ~S.N.G.~ Checkered Red Skully Skate Shoes

Belt & Bracelets ~ :.Envious.: Fin @ Their inworld Mainstore ^^ with this b l o g too

You can get ALL Zombie Suicide and Shitz N Gigglez items @ the ZS Mainstore and check out her own blog too


Massive Clearance sale @ZS

Wooooo Check it out, starting today she's having a sale ^^ And it's until the 5th of next month! But there's a catch, she's gonna sell these for the last time before taking them all away. Forever. :o get to it! 


Bio Mask Shock

Yet another new item at Zombie Suicide, this time it reaches out to all the inner ravers and industrialists! For both sex's, fully mesh, and only 125L to cycle through 7 colours, woo! Enjoy all the colour too hahaha

.+~+. Pieces Worn in Outfit .+~+.

! ! ! NEW ! ! ! :Z.S: Bio Surgical Mask

Hair ~ A&Y Trixie Cyber Hair - Red @ A&Y Bunker Cybershop

Skin ~ :Z.S: Jaiden Skin - Pale 

Shape ~ :Z.S: KaLynn Shape

Wings ~ ~Cyber Wings ~ (black) @ This one store

Collar ~ =blue= Bullet Bondage Collar 

Shrug ~ [AdN] Danger Public

Outfit ~ [AdN] Insane Ramblings

Socks ~ [AdN] Punkattitude

Boots ~ Blackburns Industrial Creeper Punk Rocker Boots @ Blackburns

All pieces from AdN can be found in their  Mainstore

And of course all Zombie Suicide pieces can be found in her Mainstore and check out her Blog too!


Vintagely Warped

Cute, simple, and all new! Zombie Suicide has gotten involved with the latest Black Market event with this Bandana Headband. Chose between 7 different colours for only 100L. This little headband made me think of vintage style and rockabilly too. :D

.+~+. Pieces Worn In this Outfit .+~+.

!!! NEW !!! :Z.S: Bandana Headband only @ The Black Market

Shape ~ :Z.S: KaLynn Shape

Skin ~ :Z.S: Jaiden Skin - Pale

Tattoo + Birds ~ [Plastik]-Feathers and Birds Tattoo @ The Beautiful Plastik Machine and there is a blog too

Piercings ~ :Z.S: Cherry Kissed Piercing

Choker ~ :Z.S: Cherry Twist Necklace

Top ~ :Z.S: Belted Vintage Corsets

Shorts ~ :Z.S: Cut Off Jeans Shorts

Tights ~ Luas Urban Style - Dot Tights @ Luas Store and clicky here

Pumps ~ % .:EC:. Ysaline Heels [Kit2] @ .:EC:. you can follow them @ their fb blog

And of course, you can find all Zombie Suicide items @ Her Mainstore and find her Blog Here


Camoflauged In

2 out of 3 Blogs done. I have one more to go. Woo just bam stuff to share haha ^^ This is the one for Perfect Wardobe event that started today, the Camoflauge Mesh Mask, only 90L! AND! And and and, it's unisex so both men and women can wear it! I figured I'd make a war-type sexy outfit to spam, and even though I have a small shape on, I still looked tall lol. So Come on Down and get it >:D 

.+~+. Pieces Worn in Outfit .+~+.

!!! NEW !!! :Z.S: Camo Mask @ Perfect Wardrobe

Hair ~ creatives! hair :: Crank Black :: G2 @ The Store is no longer available :< 

Skin ~ :Z.S: Jaiden Skin (Tan) 

Shape ~ :Z.S: KaLynn Shape

Eyes ~ Pulse Avanti Eyes/Life @ Pulse plus their bloggyness

Ears & Piercings ~ :Z.S: Mesh Gauged Ears + Leopard Gauges (Size 2)

Top + Nipple Tape ~ :Z.S: Tragedy Top - Black

Shorts & Gartered Socks ~ LC Ica - Brown @ The LoveCats Mainstore

Jacket ~ [nn] Jeans jacket - black @ [NN] - Designs

Gloves ~ T & S Renegade in Black @ Twisted And Spoiled

Arm Warmers ~ _b[ELLE] Arm Warmers - Black @ b[ELLE]issima! and they have a blog

Boots ~ :Z.S: Tsusime Boots - Black

Legband Gun ~ .:. *{ S . G } * .:. Jill @ SeVered GarDeN ooo look a Bloggite

As of course, you can find all Zombie Suicide Items @ the Mainstore and her Blog Here

Springtime Romps hehe

I'm going to do multiple posts today, 3 in total I think, haha. Lots of new things coming out!~ 
But anyways, ZS made some new cute things for the blooming season of spring :D. I present to you, the Spring Rompers, comes in 7 colours and you can buy singles for 100L or the fatpack for 525L.
The outfit was also paired with the most recently made skin Jaiden (tan) and the Kaylynn shape ^^

.+~+. Pieces worn in Pictures .+~+.

!!!NEW!!! Outfit ~ :Z.S: Spring Romper - Pink 

Hair ~ >TRUTH< Elisha @ TRUTH Hairs and check their Blog out too :D

Skin ~ :Z.S: Jaiden Skin (Tan) 

Eyes ~ AZ... Promo Ice Blue @ AZ Design

Ears ~ [MI] Cat-Person Parts - Black @ This one Place >>

Tail ~ {Lemon Tea} Short Hair Neko Tail @ Lemon Tea they also have a Blog

Makeup ~ {IF} Cat makeup @ It Figures

Hands ~ *EPIC* Rigged Mesh Mesh Damned Demon Hands @ Epic & Fae Faerie plus their wacky blog

Flower ~ *EPIC* Fiery Kawaii Parasol 

Shape ~ :Z.S: Kaylynn Shape

Shoes ~ :Z.S: Knitted Boot Black

As you know For All Items Z.S. or S.N.G related go to the mainstore @ Zombie Suicide and stop by her Blog too ^^

See ya at the next post :D


Palmistry Decadence

Woo, busy busy busy, that's my life lately. But that doesn't mean I won't buy more things when I can. Haha. I went a little different this time with my blogging pictures. I edited them :D So let me know if ya like them like this. The lens flare part was a trick I learned from Isis :O Not that I'll do it every time. Still learning the ropes of the trade and such. This is my OOTD (outfit of the day) and it's got that lil badassery feel to it, but to me also a sort of classy elegance. I even bought a new hair for it :D

.+~+. Pieces worn in Pictures .+~+.

Eyes - .:HeNu:. Zombie Eyes - Green  @ The .:HeNu:. Mainstore

Hair - TRUTH HAIR Sassy  TRUTH and visit their Bloggity Blog

Face Tattoo + Makeup - Face tattoo black lashes and war stripes  @  Bird . Next . Door . and visit their B L O G too :)

Chest Tattoo - :Z.S: Rawr Chest Tattoo

Skin - :Z.S: Nikki Summer Curves skin

Top - :Z.S: Palmistry Tank - Black

Bottoms - ~S.N.G.~ Sleek Tight pants set2

Boots - :Z.S: Knitted Boots Plain

Nails + Rings - :Z.S: Rainbow Nails + Rings Set

Ears - ~S.N.G.~ Swirl Spiked Human Ears Gauged

Piercings - ~S.N.G.~ Kissed Piercing

~S.N.G.~ Spiked Nose Strip

Bracelets - Rose Gothic Armbands (modified to fit the wrists by me) @ Find Them here

For All Items Z.S. or S.N.G related go to the mainstore @ Zombie Suicide and stop by her Blog too ^^
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