Sammy the Naughty School Girl

So why is it called this? She doesn't look naughty. Well lemme tell you, looks are deceiving. An entire outfit put together with specific details to make the little boys' pants grow tighter in some areas. From pigtails and heels, to a chewed on pencil and no panties. Ironically if I were this tiny in high school, I would've worn outfits like this, lol. With underwear that is. And even more ironically enough, the top is named after me! Or at least shares a name.
The Sammy Tops come in 2 different version with the most epic HUD menu ever. But I won't spoil that surprise. Only 200L too! Nab, nab, nab it!

Also, she's made new shapes! Kiersten, James, and Katrina. Only 250L for each ^-^

Pieces In Le Outfit

✘Shape✘ :Z.S: KaLynn Shape

✘Skin✘ :Z.S: Jaiden Skin - Pale

✘Eyes✘ .:HeNu:. Grannysmith Glamour Eyes

✘Ears✘ :Z.S: Mesh Gauged Ear Bases

✘Hair✘ >TRUTH< Marcia - Browns

✘Eyelashes✘ AD - Vamp Eyelashes

✘Makeup✘ee. Linter 1L Promo

ψ Brand New ψ  ✘Top✘ :Z.S: Sammy Top v2

✘Skirt✘ .:H.e.N.u:. Adorkable Green Plaid

✘Heels✘ %.:EC:.% Ysaline Heels [Kit2]

✘Collar✘ "Tears and Steel" steel-blue topaz exquisite collar

✘Piercings✘ :Z.S: Bubble Swirl Plug Add-Ons
:Z.S: Piercing Set NO.1 Add-On

✘Random✘ dl: Mouth Pencil

Okay, so I'm doing something new for my blogs. Below this tiny explanation, I will have all links to stores/blogs/inworld stores below. It's easy and looks cleaner. They will be separated by this --> | <-- 


Jason in the Land of Tarts

I know, I know ridiculous title, I couldn't help it. I've been reading a lot of manga lately with titles like this. Anywho, without further ado, le picture :D

First off, omg new stuff for the boys! She's made some awesome lookin' mesh hoodies for you lot >.> They be sexy. The Jason Hoodies!
With 2 different versions, we have the plain hoodie black/grey and the designed and detailed version, as indicated with the right side of le man. 
And then, for us sexified women, we have something that I think is the bomb! I mean just look at the picture, so much detail on one little mesh dress.!
Presenting, the Tarts Mesh Dress! With a HUD that offers 8 different colours PLUS! A tango applier too, 200L is a damned steal I think. I'm getting distracted here 'cause I can't stop staring at the picture. 

    Pieces In Le Outfit      


✘Skin✘ - P - P E A U. December Gift Mikael - Warface - Milk @ P E A U

✘Shape✘ S.H.S. Dylan @ SHS + This Blog

✘Hair✘ \\O-Zone\\ Cybergoth Hair - Cyberaktif @ O-Zone

✘Eyes✘Purple Blue Green Eyes by Inkaddict 

✘Horns✘ .:HeNu:. -Coming Soon :O -

✘Ears✘ :Z.S: Mesh Gauged Ear Bases for Whiter skin tones

ψ BRAND NEW ψ ✘Top✘ :Z.S: Jason Hoodies v1 + v2 

✘Pants✘ :Z.S: Punky Belted Mesh Jeans

✘Shoes✘ ~S.N.G~ Checkered Red Skully Skate Shoes

✘Gloves✘ =^K^= GothicSchoolDays - Gloves 

✘Necklace✘ [b.nuts] Dogtag @ B.Nuts + Lookie Here

✘Piercings✘ :Z.S: Bubble Swirl Plug Add-ons
:Z.S: Piercing Set NO.1 Add-on


✘Shape✘ :Z.S: KaLynn Shape

✘Skin✘ :Z.S: Jaiden Skin - Pale

✘Ears✘ :Z.S: Plain Lop Elven Ears

✘Hair✘ TRUTH HAIR Josie - Fades @ Truth Hairs (slx) and they have a B L O G too

✘Eyes✘ Purple Blue Green Eyes by Inkaddict

✘Eyelashes✘ AD- Vamp Eyelashes Atomic Doll

✘Tattoos✘ -.HoD.- Fallen Tattoo Set @ This fantastic Store + Look H E R E
:Hebenon Vial: The Girl With The Dragon Tattoos [regular] @ The :HV: , Check T H I S out
:Z.S: Believe Neck Tattoo

✘Horns✘ .:HeNu:. -Coming Soon :O -

✘Makeup✘ **NOYA*=VIP GIFTS= Mothersday Exotic MAKE UPS @ NOYA Designs

ψ BRAND NEW ψ ✘Dress✘ :Z.S: Tarts Dress Set V1

✘Boots✘ Over The Knee Boots Latex Black @ E. One + Wordpress Blog

✘Bracelets✘ ROSE GOTHIC ARMBANDS (modified to fit my wrists) 

✘Necklace✘ ! Justice ! Necklace Gift Special Edition 

✘Face Chains✘ <R> Celtic Face Chains @ <R> Ripped and this B L O G G E R

✘Piercings✘  :Z.S: Bubble Swirl Plug Add-ons
:Z.S: Piercing Set NO.1 Add-on
:Z.S: Jewelbie Piercing

✘Nails and Rings✘ :Z.S: Rainbow Nails and Rings Set

And of course alllll the Zombie Suicide (and single SNG thing) can be found here at her Mainstore location and you can read about it in her New B L O G! P.S. Bring a skateboard :D


The Steampunk Ladies of Zombie Suicide

3 new items brought to the table from my very own friend Isis Zamin, owner of Zombie Suicide! Her latest masks and horns. plus a picture my offworld friend (Scitza) drew, helped to inspire these Steampunk oriented outfits. On the left with a more goth-like feel we have the outfit showcasing her newest Survivalist Gasmask, which comes in 8 different colours with the singles for 175L or the whole fatpack for 1050L.  
In the middle we have a cuter and feminine feel based around her newest set of horns the 'Summer Fleshy Horns' , only 215L!  With a HUD that offers 12 different horn textures and a cute ladybug atop the dainty daisy, this is a good steal!
And finally on the right we have the traditional garbs of coppers, golds, and browns. All attributing to the centerpiece, the mask. Now, we've already seen her Steampunk masks, and I was personally ecstatic when they came out. But this is a special mask, for it is only up at Perfect Wardrobe, which started 2 days ago! The theme is gold which led to this amazing mask! All things @PW start off at 90L, so it's worth a look!
Also, for the Black Market sale starting today, she's made a new piercing set in gold! Only 100L with a few other items at only 40L. Look forward to that blog soon, too.
If you wish to see the picture that inspired, click here.

And without further ado, sit back, relax, and prepare yourself for a LOT of  text :P

    Pieces In Le Outfits    

Outfit #1 

✘Shape✘ :Z.S: KaLynn Shape

✘Skin✘ :Z.S: Jaiden Skin - Pale

✘Hair✘ !lamb. Oh Sugar - Bloods Pack 

✘Eyes✘ .:HeNu:. Zombie Eyes - White 

✘Eyelashes✘ AD- Vamp Eyelashes 

✘Shirt✘ [Exiled Inc.] Steampunk White Lace Corset 
:Z.S: Tragedy Top - Black

✘Pants✘ IAF Vertical Striped Trousers 

✘Boots✘ Blackburns Steampunk Lola Lace-Ups Wood Boots 

!!! Brand New !!!✘Mask✘ :Z.S: Survivalist Gas Mask Silver 

✘Hat✘ Torie's Feather Hat - Black and White

✘Collar✘ :Z.S: Shimmer Collar - Black n Silver

✘Cuffs✘ +ezura+ Lolita Crown Cuffs *Black Set

Outfit #2 

✘Shape✘ :Z.S: KaLynn Shape

✘Skin✘ .::Mother Goose's::. LENE(LB)

✘Eyes✘ .:HeNu:. Valentina Glamour Eyes

✘Ears✘:Z.S: Mesh Gauged Ear bases

✘Eyelashes✘ AD- Vamp Eyelashes

✘Makeup✘ - DAMNED - Butterfly Effect Makeup
KATHAARIN - Eyeliner Set

✘Hair✘ >Truth< Jean- Gingers

!!! Brand New !!! ✘Horns✘ :Z.S: Summer Fleshy Horns Set

✘Corset✘ Flora! Mesh Corset

✘Pants✘ Bokeh - Alexei High Waisted Pants "pose"

✘Boots✘ [AL]All Star Prawn Cocktail Leather Boot

✘Belt✘ Street Dermatology: Pendulum Belt

✘Gloves✘ CKD Dainty Lace Gloves | Pastel Pink

✘Jewelry✘ [E3D] Enchant3D- Monocle 
Steampunk Cameo
!! DragansVarg !! Steampunk Wing Necklace
:Z.S: Bubble Swirl Plug Add-Ons

✘Piercings✘ :Z.S: Simple Nose Ring
:Z.S: Simple Nose Ring v2
:Z.S: Smile Piercing

Outfit #3

✘Shape✘ :Z.S: KaLynn Shape

✘Skin✘ :Z.S: Jaiden Skin - Tan

✘Eyes✘ [Beautifully Grotesque] Contaminated Eyes Amber

✘Hair✘ TRUTH Hair Sassy - Reds

✘Eyelashes✘ AD - Vamp Eyelashes

✘Makeup✘ - DAMNED - Tribal Makeup

✘Ears✘ :Z.S: Mesh Gauged Ears

!!! Brand New !!! ✘Mask✘ SteamPunk Gas Mask Gold Perfect Wardobe :D

✘Full Outfit✘ + ezura + Steampunk Venustas *Erotica Set

✘Hat✘ of_Brown Steampunk Tophat

✘Boots✘ Cattiva Shoes and Boots "Victoria" Brown Boots

✘Jewelry✘ :Z.S: Bubble Swirls Add-On
!! DragansVarg !! Steampunk Wing Necklace 

And but of course, you only need to do as I say in all my posts, go to Le Location for every Zombie Suicide and catch all the Latest Drabble on her love blog :P 


LIttle Horny Demons

Hello you freaky darlings, ready for something brand new and never before seen?! Well good, then boom! Here it is! Mesh horns that burst through your skin, literally! I think it's amazing! 2 different HUDs to operate easily as well! A skin one to change the tone and such, and then a HUD for the horns with over 33 textures! 

Pieces In Le Outfit

✖ Skin ✖  :Z.S: Seductive Skins light tone

✖ Eyes ✖ [Rev] Cyber Eyes - Red

✖ Shape ✖ :Z.S: KaLynn Shape

ψ Brand New ψ ✖ Horns ✖  :Z.S: Fleshy Horns v1

✖ Hair ✖  +AH+ Kyrin Red

✖ Eyelashes ✖ AD- Vamp Eyelashes @ This place called Atomic Dolls

✖ Tattoo ✖ [Schock Designs] Tribe Tattoo 

✖ Makeup ✖ - DAMNED - Tribal Makeup @ - DAMNED - Bodyshop

✖ Ears ✖ ++PE++ Wilted Elf Ears- Cyber @ This place is Epic!(Panda Express) and lookie, a B L O G

✖ Tops ✖ :Z.S: Tragedy Top

✖ Pants ✖ :Z.S: Low Cut Black Jeans

✖ Boots ✖ :Z.S: Tsusime Boots- Red

ψ Brand New ψ ✖ Mask ✖ :Z.S: Cannibalism Masks - Leathers

✖ Piercings  :Z.S: Tragic Belly Piercing
~S.N.G.~ Spike Nose Strip

Nab all of these awesome Zombie Suicide pieces and old Shitz n Gigglez items at her humongously awesomely Mainstore, but if that ain't enough for ya, look through her BLOG O_O.... Do it.....O____O


Cannibalistically Prideful?

Yet another brilliant mask! God, I just love it! 
It's a late night blog, yes, but beginnings of the month's are usually busy for me. 
But still, I will not neglect my work and job :O
 Which I see more as fun anyways. 
Anywho, this mask is different from the last one, buckles! 
And a hud to change colours, or like in the Random Art one, styles/pictures. 
Only 200L for each mask with a multitude of options! I suggest you nabby nab!

Also, if you missed that awesome sale that ended yesterday, I feel bad for you *noddy nods*
Onto the goodies~!

Pieces In Le Outfit

✖ Shape ✖ :Z.S: KaLynn Shape

✖ Skin ✖ :Z.S: Rocked Skin (v1)

✖ Eyes ✖ [Rev] Cyber Eyes (green) 

✖ Hair ✖ TRUTH HAIR . Josie - Fades @ Find It Here but be sure to also check out this

✖ Ears ✖ ~S.N.G.~ Punk Lop Elf Ears

✖ Eyelashes ✖ AD- Vamp Eyelashes @ This niftily named place, Atomic Doll

✖ Tattoos ✖ :Z.S: Punk Tattoo v2
:Z.S: Rawr Chest Tattoo

✖ Top ✖ [Rev] Tied Up Tops (Purple)

ψ Brand New! ψ ✖ Skirt ✖ :Z.S: Punky Camo Skirt - Purple

✖ Tights ✖ * ^v^ The Death ^v^ * Wrack Me ! Fishnets @ strangely everything is unlisted from sl mp :/

✖  Boots ✖  Over The Knee Boots - Latex Black E.One (strange name) plus they have a nifty blog too

✖  Gloves ✖  +AH+ Ripped Shirt (Tintable) @ The MP store Artificial Hallucination

✖  Goggles ✖  A&Y Cyber Glasses v.01 @ The awesome rave stop A&Y Bunker Cybershop

✖  Belly Ring ✖  "Isis"  Belly Ring v.2 @ I didn't know This Place had a store AND blog :O

ψ Brand New! ψ ✖ Mask ✖ :Z.S: Cannibalism Mask Random Art

✖ Rings ✖ :Z.S: Brass Knuckles

✖ Bracelets ✖ :Z.S:. Cross n Bones Wrist Bands

✖ Piercing ✖ ~S.N.G.~ Spike Nose Strip

✖ Necklace ✖ ~S.N.G.~ Iron Cross Necklace Purple

And but of course, you only need to do as I say in all my posts, go to Le Location for every Zombie Suicide & Shitz N Gigglez item (Although after the massive sale, some may no longer be available) and catch all the Latest Drabble on her lovely blog

P.s..... Yes. I changed the way things are listed slightly <3 hope you like. 


Shimmer ala pink!

Honestly! I must say it is about dang time that she made more collars! 
And she jumped into the mesh train with this one, which I think is personally fantastic! 
Sick of collars not moving with your neck? 
Tired of it never being positioned right?
 Love collars and handcuffs in general? 
Well look no further! From leopard print to skulls and back! Each style is different and awesome ^-^
 15 collars in total!

.+~+ Pieces worn in Pics .+~+.

Skin ~ :Z.S: Jaiden Skin - Pale

Shape ~ :Z.S: KaLynn Shape

Eyes ~ ~*By Snow*~ Twilight Eve Eyes (Ares) Their store and Eyes 4 All b l o g
- DAMNED - Butterfly Effect EYES @ The - DAMNED - Bodyshop

Ears ~ :Z.S: Plain Lop Elven Ears

Horns ~ !K&L! Demon Doll Horns @ The !K&L! Mainstore location

Tail ~ !K&L! Faun Tail 

Makeup ~ *Janis* Red Hot Beauty Box [Gloss] @ This One Place
- DAMNED - Butterfly Effect (w/parted lips) 
:Z.S: Speckled Shadows (rainbow)
:Z.S: Vanity Lips (pink)

Hair ~ >TRUTH< Elisha - colours (Hot Pink) @ TRUTH Hairs plus lookit H E R E

Tattoo ~ -UtopiaH- Vice of the Wicked
:Z.S: Punk Tattoo v2

Eyelashes ~ AD - Vamp Eyelashes @ Atomic Doll

Corset ~ *L.Inc* Lust Corset Croco @ Luck Inc and looky here a B L O G

Skirt ~ !!! NEW !!! :Z.S: Punky Camo Skirt - Pink

Collar ~ !!! NEW !!! :Z.S: Shimmer Collar Black n Pink

Facewrap ~ [NobuAI] Visual Kei Nose Bandage (black) 

Piercing ~ !!! NEW !!! :Z.S: Simple Nose Ring @ Wall Candy
:Z.S: Prim Nipples - Tribal

Gloves ~ +AH+ Ripped Shirt Tintable Artifical Hallucination

Heels ~ %.:EC:.% Ysaline Heels [Kit2] @ .:EC:. and you can follow their B L O G G Y blog too

Bracelets ~ :Z.S: Cross n Bones Wrist bands

Do I even need to stress that you should totally go down to the Zombie Suicide Mainstore location to grab each and every ZS piece? And if you want a heads up on pieces she's going to be putting out soon, check out the lady's bLoGgItY bLoG!


Are you ready for them?

Dear lord, I got busy for a couple of days with real life things, 
and you'd think Isis was taking it out on me D: So many new items! 
And aside from the most recent thing, they're all on this one blog post!
 So get ready for wham! Bham! Holy shizam! 'Cause here they all come!

We got skirts at the mainstore for only 110L a pop or a cheap steal of 495 for the entire fatpack!
 That's 6 different skirts too! Mesh :O 
And then we have the classy single nose rings involved in the little BIG hunt! 33 stores involved in this hunt, and here's a hint, ZS is #15 :*
But these two things aren't the only new items out~! 
Isis has made more bandana's seeing how the original one was such a hit! Now in stripes, polka dots, and plain! Only 125L :D  And hint hint, the original is still up in le Black Market for only 100L
And then finally we have, drum roll please *Drum rolls* More palmistry tops! Frickin' sweet I say!
For those of us who like black almost as we like colour, she's made them in purple, green, red, pink and grey. Only 110L for singles and 413L for the fattypack.
Also, more mesh camo ski masks are out :o And the whole set is 125L Steal~!
OH! Oh oh oh and she made a pool table~! A coffin frickin pool table~

Also, do. Not. Forget. The. Discount. Sale. I hit it up and grabbed as much as I could! Worth it, big big big big savings there! And they'll never return either :O *le gasp* Go There! Sale place!

(Without further ado. There is a lot about to be listed)

.+~+. Pieces Worn in Pics .+~+.

 Skirt ~ !!!NEW!!! :Z.S: Punk Camo Skirt - Blue 

Top 1 ~ :Z.S: Ava Top (prim piece)

Top 2 ~ !!!NEW!!! :Z.S: Palmistry Tank - Purple

Shape ~ :Z.S: KaLynn Shape

Skin ~ :Z.S: Rocked Skin - v5 Pale

Eyes ~ :HeNu: Zombie Eyes - Red @  The .:HeNu:. Mainstore

Ears ~ :Z.S: Simple Mesh Ears

Plugs ~ :Z.S: Leopard Plugs Add-on

Make up ~ - DAMNED - Tribal Makeup @ - DAMNED - Bodyshop

Tattoos ~ :Z.S: Punk Tattoo v2

:Z.S: Bloody Lips Makeup/Tattoo

Piercings ~ !!!NEW!!! :Z.S: Simple Nose Ring @ Wall Candy

Hair ~ >TRUTH< Marcia - Browns TRUTH Hair and their lovely B L O G G Y blog

Pool Table ~ !!!NEW!!! :Z.S: Coffin Pool Table Black

Belly Piercing ~ Tragic Belly Piercing

Necklace ~ :Z.S: Star Choker

Headband ~ !!!NEW!!! :Z.S: Stripped Bandanna Headband

Arm Warmers ~ !MP Briar Black 

Rings/Bracelets/Nails ~ :Z.S: Prim fingers/nail and jewelry

Rings ~ :Z.S: Brass Knuckles

Shoes ~ :Z.S: Sugar Skull Mesh Boots

And of course, as always, every single Zombie Suicide piece can be found in her MainStore location, and if you can't wait for the notices, then check out her B L O G G I T Y B L O G
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