Shimmer ala pink!

Honestly! I must say it is about dang time that she made more collars! 
And she jumped into the mesh train with this one, which I think is personally fantastic! 
Sick of collars not moving with your neck? 
Tired of it never being positioned right?
 Love collars and handcuffs in general? 
Well look no further! From leopard print to skulls and back! Each style is different and awesome ^-^
 15 collars in total!

.+~+ Pieces worn in Pics .+~+.

Skin ~ :Z.S: Jaiden Skin - Pale

Shape ~ :Z.S: KaLynn Shape

Eyes ~ ~*By Snow*~ Twilight Eve Eyes (Ares) Their store and Eyes 4 All b l o g
- DAMNED - Butterfly Effect EYES @ The - DAMNED - Bodyshop

Ears ~ :Z.S: Plain Lop Elven Ears

Horns ~ !K&L! Demon Doll Horns @ The !K&L! Mainstore location

Tail ~ !K&L! Faun Tail 

Makeup ~ *Janis* Red Hot Beauty Box [Gloss] @ This One Place
- DAMNED - Butterfly Effect (w/parted lips) 
:Z.S: Speckled Shadows (rainbow)
:Z.S: Vanity Lips (pink)

Hair ~ >TRUTH< Elisha - colours (Hot Pink) @ TRUTH Hairs plus lookit H E R E

Tattoo ~ -UtopiaH- Vice of the Wicked
:Z.S: Punk Tattoo v2

Eyelashes ~ AD - Vamp Eyelashes @ Atomic Doll

Corset ~ *L.Inc* Lust Corset Croco @ Luck Inc and looky here a B L O G

Skirt ~ !!! NEW !!! :Z.S: Punky Camo Skirt - Pink

Collar ~ !!! NEW !!! :Z.S: Shimmer Collar Black n Pink

Facewrap ~ [NobuAI] Visual Kei Nose Bandage (black) 

Piercing ~ !!! NEW !!! :Z.S: Simple Nose Ring @ Wall Candy
:Z.S: Prim Nipples - Tribal

Gloves ~ +AH+ Ripped Shirt Tintable Artifical Hallucination

Heels ~ %.:EC:.% Ysaline Heels [Kit2] @ .:EC:. and you can follow their B L O G G Y blog too

Bracelets ~ :Z.S: Cross n Bones Wrist bands

Do I even need to stress that you should totally go down to the Zombie Suicide Mainstore location to grab each and every ZS piece? And if you want a heads up on pieces she's going to be putting out soon, check out the lady's bLoGgItY bLoG!

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