Drag Me DOWN...Down.....down....

Funny title right? Well, with good cause... I've made a new product!
I actually did this the other day, but w/e lol
Just in time for last minute halloween shoppers too :P
So while I may be blogging about the new item, I'm also blogging about this killer outfit I put together that is totally supaaaah cute!

I present to you, the Devil's Bun! >:3 lamely named v.v I know
But. I saw this outfit on Flickr, in purple, and I had to have it! So I searched and got it :3 twas awesome lol
Look I even have a little tail :3
So before you wonder, the colour scheme was purple and orangish gold. ^^
Seen from the front, the side and the back :D. Shows off all the awesomeness of the socks
F.Y.I. The socks do cover the feet, but I loved these heels with the outfit too much to change it.
Trick or treat
Smell my feet
Check my store for something neat
If you don't I don't care
I'll just go play with some hair
-idkwtf Dx

Also, don't forget that links to inworld stores, their blogs, and mp stores at linked below :D

 .:*☆*:. .:*★*:. .:*☆*:. 
Ƥɨɛɔɛى Iդ Լɛ ʘںեƒɨե
 .:*☆*:. .:*★*:. .:*☆*:. 

《ƝƐѠ》 ∾⊰Socks⊱∾ .:HeNu:. Drag Me Down - Witchy
 ∾⊰Heels⊱∾ Mea Culpa Shows - CROW
 ∾⊰Dress⊱∾ *Epic Bombtastic* Skully Bunny Mini Dress {Yellow2} @Bewbstock
 ∾⊰Ears⊱∾ ::DP:: Cross Jagged Elf Ears - Med. Light
 ∾⊰Eyelashes⊱∾ Pink Acid- Diva Lashes
 ∾⊰Eyes⊱∾ Eclypse eyes {Moon .::Kre-ations::. found @ Horrorfest
 ∾⊰Hair⊱∾ Magika Discount Fatpack A
 ∾⊰Horns⊱∾ RO - Baphomet Horns - Celestial @ Body Mod Expo
 ∾⊰Make Up⊱∾ Pink Acid - Duck Lips Coal + PMD - Thorns
 ∾⊰Tail⊱∾ !K&L! Faun Tail
 ∾⊰Tattoo⊱∾ -UtopiaH- Zen Tattoo
 ∾⊰Hands⊱∾ *Epic VIP* Rigged Mesh Damned Demon Hands 
 ∾⊰Shape⊱∾ :Z.S: KaLynn Shape
 ∾⊰Skin⊱∾ :Z.S: Thrift Shop Skin - Tone 1
 ∾⊰Bracelets⊱∾ : Amorous : You
 ∾⊰Collar⊱∾ [AsYLUM] MESH Sick Studded Collar - Purple Leather
 ∾⊰Piercings⊱∾ -SU!- Karoline Facial Piercing Set /SNOW/ + Cute Poison - Disarray Piercing + CP - Tsukimi Piercing
 ∾⊰Headband⊱∾ Cute Poison - Lament Headband - Light
 ∾⊰Necklace⊱∾ Cute Poison - Ouija Necklace

Mea Culpa || *Epic* & JW.com || Deadly Passions || Pink Acid & PA Blog || Magika & mg.se 


Tsumooween :D

Another blog done for Miss Berry! Halloween themed appropriately :3 

(1)Did you go trick or treating as a child? Yup, all the time... In fact I still do. 20 years old and I love to trick or treat. Thankfully my bf has a 14 yr old sister whom I can use as my excuse. I guess now that I'm older I like it because I have serious makeup artist skills and I do everyones make up lol

(2)What was the best Halloween costume you ever saw or wore yourself?  Oh my gosh... IN person.. I think the best one I remember is... One of my friends who was in drama, yup a high school tale, dressed up as a zombie during halloween week. And she was so good at effects she looked like a real zombie. When she walked down the hallways she even moved like one... it was just, beyond awesome lol

(3)What is your most vivid memory about Halloween? I was a kid and I was trick-or-treating around the trailer park I lived in at the time with my Mom, older brother, younger brother, youngest brother, and his dad. A couple of the houses had some haunted house things set up, but they were okay. At least, to me at that age. But this one. We had to go around the house in order to get the candy. And We followed the path of lights and stuff, stared at the creepy moving things. And just as we entered a dark patch and turned a corner, we thought someone was gonna jump out.. Nothing.. the entire time we were walking we had heard a chainsaw in the distance.. We thought it was a cd or something.. We after we walked through the dark patch.. We were about to make it back out and all of a sudden this guy dressed in bloody overalls and a creepy ass mask jumps out of the bush in the dark patch, chainsaw with fake blood on it raised high above his head, and starts screaming bloody murder then proceeds to chase us the rest of the way out of back yard and down the driveway. Yeah.. my little heart couldn't take it and I took off down the road with my mom laughing. T-T 

(4)What is the scariest movie you have ever seen? A movie called "The Road". For reasons... I just... no.. I will never watch it again. Ever.

(5)Do you ever get nightmares after watching a scary movie? Not really, since my mind process's scarey movies as fake. But as a younger adult.. I had nightmares everytime I watched any Alien movie. I still do. Thus why I refuse to watch them. And not alien movies. I mean the actual Alien movie. like AVP.

(6)Are you superstitious? If so, name at least one superstition of yours. A little actually. I don't like breaking mirrors. Or saying "it can't get much worse." That sorta thing.

(7)What will you be doing for Halloween this year, if anything, in SL and RL? I might dress up as a rainbow fox again. Too broke to buy a real costume v.v.. I know I'm going to be doing day of the dead makeup on my bf's step sister. Tardis makeup on his little sister. Pirate makeup for his dad. and then my own. XD Busy Halloween day for me lol. For SL I might make something or just blog an outfit... If there is a trick or treat event (which would be awesome)I'd go to that


Oh Do Bleed Me Dry...

Title sounds naughty right? With good reason... This blog is dark, scarey, and seductive all at the same time.

Here's why.

Don't you just want to lick all that blood away? 
Meet the boho chic demoness Sabaala. 
She's very down to Earth and appreciates it's splendors. 
You're more than likely to find her wandering around in the woods, humming wicked melodies to lure you in.
Just because a girl is born a demon, doesn't mean she don't shop. 
She stumbled upon a store one day in the midst of her walk.
And upon doing so, she found the items that would give her a more alluring look for her All Hallows Eve party.
Want to get her look? Lure in the boys and men to your dark plans? Then read on..

((Items in the above picture created for: Perfect Wardrobe, Lubbly Jubblies, and Boho Culture Fair))

.:*★*:. .:*☆*:. .:*★*:. .:*☆*:. .:*★*:.
Ƥɨɛɔɛى Iդ Լɛ ʘںեƒɨե
.:*★*:. .:*☆*:. .:*★*:. .:*☆*:. .:*★*:.

《ƝƐѠ》∾⊰Piercings⊱∾ :Z.S: Bleed Me Dry Piercing @Perfect Wardrobe
:Z.S: The Eye @Jubbly Lubblies

∾⊰Shirt⊱∾ :Z.S: Leopard Bandana Tops

《ƝƐѠ》∾⊰Skirt⊱∾ :Z.S:  Boho Skirt @ Boho Culture Fair

∾⊰Shape⊱∾ :Z.S:. KaLynn Shape

∾⊰Eyes⊱∾ [Beautifully Grotesque] Contaminated Eyes - Amber

∾⊰Hair⊱∾ TRUTH Hair - Anessa

《ƝƐѠ》 ∾⊰Collar⊱∾ :Z.S: Neck Stitiches @ Horrorfest

∾⊰Horns⊱∾ {Lemon Tea} Horny Bumps - Wood

∾⊰Makeup⊱∾ - DAMNED - Butterfly Effect
Pink Acid Eye Magic Eyeshadow - Red Carpet Bronze

∾⊰Tattoo⊱∾ .Identity. Body Shop - Blossom Tree

∾⊰Hands⊱∾ *Epic* Rigged Mesh Damned Demon Hands

∾⊰Skin⊱∾ :Z.S: Thrift Shop Skin - Tone 1

∾⊰Chest Implant⊱∾ :Z.S: Anchor @ The Body Mod Expo

Zombie Suicide - ZS Blog || Truth Hair - TH Hair || EPIC - Epic Blog || - Damned - - Flickr Blog || Lemon Tea - LT Blog || Identity 
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