Rockabilling Out

I got a couple of new corsets that was dripping with my fave colour, literally! My insatiable love of green and the accent of purple led me to acquire this, and as I stared at the beautiful piece harder, I came upon my choice to make my newest outfit based around the corset alone.

It took me a while too. I bounced around the many different styles I could have gone with until I came up with this killer beast of an outfit. I incorporated many of the idea's that wriggled it's way into my mind, like: zombies, seams, rockabilly, pin-up, and colour in general. How could I not wear zombie-themed items anyways? I love them :D

But without further ado, here is where you can find these pieces ^^!

.+~+. Pieces worn in Pictures .+~+.

Eyes - !!!NEW!!! .:HeNu:. Zombie Eyes - Grey ~ @ The .:HeNu:. Mainstore

Hair - Magika// Paisley @ Magika visit their blog! Bloggity blog

Leg Tattoo - Ribbow/Bow Leg Tattoo ~ Get it here

Skin - :Z.S: Nikki Summer Curves Skin 

Lipstick - :Z.S: Adria Lips Addon (Comes with the Adria Skin- Light)

Corset - !!!NEW!!! :Z.S: Candy Corset - Green n Purple

Shorts - :Z.S: Cut Off Shorts

Choker - :Z.S: Eerie Collar

Nails/Rings - :Z.S: Rainbow Nails and Ring Sets

Nose Ring - ~S.N.G.~ Kissed Piercing

Nose Strip - ~S.N.G.~ Spiked Nose Strip

Ears - ~S.N.G.~ Swirl Spiked Human Ears Gauged 

You Can find all Z.S. & S.N.G. items @ Zombie Suicide and her blog here ^^

Heels - franquicia armadillo zombie ~ get it here

Bracelets - Rose Gothic Armbands (modified to fit the wrists by me) ~ Get them here


Showing It off

Fresh off the block this morning, this is an outfit I threw together of various pieces :D. I'm not really digging the belt's shape though. But it had to suffice. I'm wearing nails for once and I don't look weird. Sadly, I didn't take this shot on my main computer, which is a laptop. It was taken on one of the desktops in my house that can run on the ultra settings without trying to eat itself alive :>
But anywho, I made the outfit based around the top, bottom, and boot pieces from Z.S. I love shopping there. Y'all who love that type of fashion should make your way there too <3
.+~+. Pieces worn in Pictures .+~+.

!!!NEW!!! Zomb. Eyes - Yellow ~ by .:HeNu:. Mainstore

Magika [Trio] Dare ~ by Magika

- DAMNED - Butterfly Effect Makeup + Eyes ~ by - DAMNED - Bodyshop

( RED ) MINT ~ Gift 08'11 ~ by ( RED ) MINT

:Z.S: Cherry Twist Necklace

:Z.S: Emo Punk Checkered Tops - Pink

:Z.S: Low Cut Black Jeans ~ by Zombie Suicide <3

:Z.S: Rainbow Nails n Rings Set

:Z.S: Tsusime Boots - Pink

[ni.ju] Simple Piercings 01 ~ by [NI.JU]

Antifish - Catskull Bikini ~ by Katherine Aeon


It's my First...teehee..

Whelp, as stated in the subject line this is my first time posting a blog of any sort. To be honest, I don't even know where to begin. I'm under the name of my SL (SecondLife) chara because this is going to be a blog for all things SL. I love making clothes, I definitely love wearing clothes, so I wanna share any and all pictures I take of them. I have a killer, and sometimes not so killer, sense of fashion :D. If I could shop the way I do on SL, the same way in rl (real life) that'd be wicked. Haha I also would need to do some alterations. 

So, for now. I'm gonna go back to listenin' to the "Harlem Shake" and resisting the urge to spazz and dance like one, and figure out some more things on this blogger dealio. :D Ciao.
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