It's my First...teehee..

Whelp, as stated in the subject line this is my first time posting a blog of any sort. To be honest, I don't even know where to begin. I'm under the name of my SL (SecondLife) chara because this is going to be a blog for all things SL. I love making clothes, I definitely love wearing clothes, so I wanna share any and all pictures I take of them. I have a killer, and sometimes not so killer, sense of fashion :D. If I could shop the way I do on SL, the same way in rl (real life) that'd be wicked. Haha I also would need to do some alterations. 

So, for now. I'm gonna go back to listenin' to the "Harlem Shake" and resisting the urge to spazz and dance like one, and figure out some more things on this blogger dealio. :D Ciao.

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