Rockabilling Out

I got a couple of new corsets that was dripping with my fave colour, literally! My insatiable love of green and the accent of purple led me to acquire this, and as I stared at the beautiful piece harder, I came upon my choice to make my newest outfit based around the corset alone.

It took me a while too. I bounced around the many different styles I could have gone with until I came up with this killer beast of an outfit. I incorporated many of the idea's that wriggled it's way into my mind, like: zombies, seams, rockabilly, pin-up, and colour in general. How could I not wear zombie-themed items anyways? I love them :D

But without further ado, here is where you can find these pieces ^^!

.+~+. Pieces worn in Pictures .+~+.

Eyes - !!!NEW!!! .:HeNu:. Zombie Eyes - Grey ~ @ The .:HeNu:. Mainstore

Hair - Magika// Paisley @ Magika visit their blog! Bloggity blog

Leg Tattoo - Ribbow/Bow Leg Tattoo ~ Get it here

Skin - :Z.S: Nikki Summer Curves Skin 

Lipstick - :Z.S: Adria Lips Addon (Comes with the Adria Skin- Light)

Corset - !!!NEW!!! :Z.S: Candy Corset - Green n Purple

Shorts - :Z.S: Cut Off Shorts

Choker - :Z.S: Eerie Collar

Nails/Rings - :Z.S: Rainbow Nails and Ring Sets

Nose Ring - ~S.N.G.~ Kissed Piercing

Nose Strip - ~S.N.G.~ Spiked Nose Strip

Ears - ~S.N.G.~ Swirl Spiked Human Ears Gauged 

You Can find all Z.S. & S.N.G. items @ Zombie Suicide and her blog here ^^

Heels - franquicia armadillo zombie ~ get it here

Bracelets - Rose Gothic Armbands (modified to fit the wrists by me) ~ Get them here

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