Cannibalistically Prideful?

Yet another brilliant mask! God, I just love it! 
It's a late night blog, yes, but beginnings of the month's are usually busy for me. 
But still, I will not neglect my work and job :O
 Which I see more as fun anyways. 
Anywho, this mask is different from the last one, buckles! 
And a hud to change colours, or like in the Random Art one, styles/pictures. 
Only 200L for each mask with a multitude of options! I suggest you nabby nab!

Also, if you missed that awesome sale that ended yesterday, I feel bad for you *noddy nods*
Onto the goodies~!

Pieces In Le Outfit

✖ Shape ✖ :Z.S: KaLynn Shape

✖ Skin ✖ :Z.S: Rocked Skin (v1)

✖ Eyes ✖ [Rev] Cyber Eyes (green) 

✖ Hair ✖ TRUTH HAIR . Josie - Fades @ Find It Here but be sure to also check out this

✖ Ears ✖ ~S.N.G.~ Punk Lop Elf Ears

✖ Eyelashes ✖ AD- Vamp Eyelashes @ This niftily named place, Atomic Doll

✖ Tattoos ✖ :Z.S: Punk Tattoo v2
:Z.S: Rawr Chest Tattoo

✖ Top ✖ [Rev] Tied Up Tops (Purple)

ψ Brand New! ψ ✖ Skirt ✖ :Z.S: Punky Camo Skirt - Purple

✖ Tights ✖ * ^v^ The Death ^v^ * Wrack Me ! Fishnets @ strangely everything is unlisted from sl mp :/

✖  Boots ✖  Over The Knee Boots - Latex Black E.One (strange name) plus they have a nifty blog too

✖  Gloves ✖  +AH+ Ripped Shirt (Tintable) @ The MP store Artificial Hallucination

✖  Goggles ✖  A&Y Cyber Glasses v.01 @ The awesome rave stop A&Y Bunker Cybershop

✖  Belly Ring ✖  "Isis"  Belly Ring v.2 @ I didn't know This Place had a store AND blog :O

ψ Brand New! ψ ✖ Mask ✖ :Z.S: Cannibalism Mask Random Art

✖ Rings ✖ :Z.S: Brass Knuckles

✖ Bracelets ✖ :Z.S:. Cross n Bones Wrist Bands

✖ Piercing ✖ ~S.N.G.~ Spike Nose Strip

✖ Necklace ✖ ~S.N.G.~ Iron Cross Necklace Purple

And but of course, you only need to do as I say in all my posts, go to Le Location for every Zombie Suicide & Shitz N Gigglez item (Although after the massive sale, some may no longer be available) and catch all the Latest Drabble on her lovely blog

P.s..... Yes. I changed the way things are listed slightly <3 hope you like. 

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