Are you ready for them?

Dear lord, I got busy for a couple of days with real life things, 
and you'd think Isis was taking it out on me D: So many new items! 
And aside from the most recent thing, they're all on this one blog post!
 So get ready for wham! Bham! Holy shizam! 'Cause here they all come!

We got skirts at the mainstore for only 110L a pop or a cheap steal of 495 for the entire fatpack!
 That's 6 different skirts too! Mesh :O 
And then we have the classy single nose rings involved in the little BIG hunt! 33 stores involved in this hunt, and here's a hint, ZS is #15 :*
But these two things aren't the only new items out~! 
Isis has made more bandana's seeing how the original one was such a hit! Now in stripes, polka dots, and plain! Only 125L :D  And hint hint, the original is still up in le Black Market for only 100L
And then finally we have, drum roll please *Drum rolls* More palmistry tops! Frickin' sweet I say!
For those of us who like black almost as we like colour, she's made them in purple, green, red, pink and grey. Only 110L for singles and 413L for the fattypack.
Also, more mesh camo ski masks are out :o And the whole set is 125L Steal~!
OH! Oh oh oh and she made a pool table~! A coffin frickin pool table~

Also, do. Not. Forget. The. Discount. Sale. I hit it up and grabbed as much as I could! Worth it, big big big big savings there! And they'll never return either :O *le gasp* Go There! Sale place!

(Without further ado. There is a lot about to be listed)

.+~+. Pieces Worn in Pics .+~+.

 Skirt ~ !!!NEW!!! :Z.S: Punk Camo Skirt - Blue 

Top 1 ~ :Z.S: Ava Top (prim piece)

Top 2 ~ !!!NEW!!! :Z.S: Palmistry Tank - Purple

Shape ~ :Z.S: KaLynn Shape

Skin ~ :Z.S: Rocked Skin - v5 Pale

Eyes ~ :HeNu: Zombie Eyes - Red @  The .:HeNu:. Mainstore

Ears ~ :Z.S: Simple Mesh Ears

Plugs ~ :Z.S: Leopard Plugs Add-on

Make up ~ - DAMNED - Tribal Makeup @ - DAMNED - Bodyshop

Tattoos ~ :Z.S: Punk Tattoo v2

:Z.S: Bloody Lips Makeup/Tattoo

Piercings ~ !!!NEW!!! :Z.S: Simple Nose Ring @ Wall Candy

Hair ~ >TRUTH< Marcia - Browns TRUTH Hair and their lovely B L O G G Y blog

Pool Table ~ !!!NEW!!! :Z.S: Coffin Pool Table Black

Belly Piercing ~ Tragic Belly Piercing

Necklace ~ :Z.S: Star Choker

Headband ~ !!!NEW!!! :Z.S: Stripped Bandanna Headband

Arm Warmers ~ !MP Briar Black 

Rings/Bracelets/Nails ~ :Z.S: Prim fingers/nail and jewelry

Rings ~ :Z.S: Brass Knuckles

Shoes ~ :Z.S: Sugar Skull Mesh Boots

And of course, as always, every single Zombie Suicide piece can be found in her MainStore location, and if you can't wait for the notices, then check out her B L O G G I T Y B L O G

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