Sammy the Naughty School Girl

So why is it called this? She doesn't look naughty. Well lemme tell you, looks are deceiving. An entire outfit put together with specific details to make the little boys' pants grow tighter in some areas. From pigtails and heels, to a chewed on pencil and no panties. Ironically if I were this tiny in high school, I would've worn outfits like this, lol. With underwear that is. And even more ironically enough, the top is named after me! Or at least shares a name.
The Sammy Tops come in 2 different version with the most epic HUD menu ever. But I won't spoil that surprise. Only 200L too! Nab, nab, nab it!

Also, she's made new shapes! Kiersten, James, and Katrina. Only 250L for each ^-^

Pieces In Le Outfit

✘Shape✘ :Z.S: KaLynn Shape

✘Skin✘ :Z.S: Jaiden Skin - Pale

✘Eyes✘ .:HeNu:. Grannysmith Glamour Eyes

✘Ears✘ :Z.S: Mesh Gauged Ear Bases

✘Hair✘ >TRUTH< Marcia - Browns

✘Eyelashes✘ AD - Vamp Eyelashes

✘Makeup✘ee. Linter 1L Promo

ψ Brand New ψ  ✘Top✘ :Z.S: Sammy Top v2

✘Skirt✘ .:H.e.N.u:. Adorkable Green Plaid

✘Heels✘ %.:EC:.% Ysaline Heels [Kit2]

✘Collar✘ "Tears and Steel" steel-blue topaz exquisite collar

✘Piercings✘ :Z.S: Bubble Swirl Plug Add-Ons
:Z.S: Piercing Set NO.1 Add-On

✘Random✘ dl: Mouth Pencil

Okay, so I'm doing something new for my blogs. Below this tiny explanation, I will have all links to stores/blogs/inworld stores below. It's easy and looks cleaner. They will be separated by this --> | <-- 

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