Uni-Lily! In pink :D OR Black.... Or Grey... Can't figure it out.

Back from a mini hiatus I have version 2 of this awesome blog! 
And lookit all the cute knew stuff I have! 
Horns, vest, shoes, and eyes! Not to mention... *drumroll please*
Lilly Skirts! in 3 different versions! 
You have the regular one, the striped one, as (barely) seen here, and the plaid one!
200L for each version, which includes a hud to flip through a multitude of colours!

Also as I stated on my last blog, all links to stores inworld/marketplace and blogs will be down below!

Pieces In Le Outfit

✘Skin✘ .::Mother Goose's::. LENE1(LB)

✘Shape✘ :Z.S: KaLynn Shape

✘Eyes✘ {D.A} Thunder - Venom

✘Hair✘ >TRUTH< Elisha -Fairyfloss

✘Ears and Horns✘ +Half Deer+ Sweet Dreams Unicorn Set (Bad Apple)

✘Tail✘ +Half Deer+ Blossom Tail - Poisonblossom

✘Eyelashes✘ AD- Vamp Eyelashes

✘Makeup✘ {MC} "Tuesday" Pretty In Pink

ψ Brand New ψ ✘Skirt✘ :Z.S: Lilly Skirt v.1

✘Vest w/Necklace✘ (r)M~ Lavish Vest~No.06

✘Legwarmer Shoes✘ *CK* Pink Diva

✘Gloves+Nails✘ **Mio's** Armed Pretty Armwarmers

✘Tattoos✘ :LP: Mark of the Samoan
[twee.] - Ki'owa 

✘Piercings✘ :Z.S:  Jewelbie Piercing

✘Choker✘ [ SOCO ] Spiked Metal Collar V2.0

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