Collecting the collective

So I've been super busy lately. Just. Ugh. I'm a wee bit behind. And since my sister Willow realllly wanted art a few days ago, I went past the Week mark for overdue blogs. BUT! It's been remedied.

We have newness from her. Eyes, Skins, plugs (to be shown on the next blog.) And also something new from me. The horns! The Lindsey skin tone by the way, comes in 4 different versions and each version has 5 tones. With appliers for tangos, slinks and feet. She went all out! And also with freckle layers and blush layers! my gosh. Allll out!

Oh oh oh. Before I forget. She's moved her store too. Be sure to click on the link below to her store before you assume it's back on Cute Poison.  :D 

★Pieces In Le Outfit☆

ψ Brand New ψ ✘Eyes✘ :Z.S: Wrath Eyes

✘Hair✘ /Wasabi Pills/ Sebastianne Mesh Hair

ψ Brand New ψ ✘Skin✘ :Z.S: Lindsey Skin #2

✘Tongue✘ :Z.S: Forked Tongue v7

ψ Brand New ψ ✘Horns✘ .:HeNu:. Zamin Horns v1

✘Makeup✘ My Personal War Face Paint (will sell this soon actually)
- DAMNED - Butterfly Effect

✘Ears✘ :Z.S: Tragic Lop Elven Ears v2

✘Hands✘ *EPIC* Mesh Damned Demon Hands

✘Tattoos✘ :Z.S: Rawr Chest Tattoo 
 CustomInkz - Bad To The Bone Tattoo
{TOXIC} Tattoo Lashes

✘Pants✘ *CK* Jeans With Shoes Outfit

✘Piercings✘ [twee.] - Sanctus Piercing
:Z.S: Prim Nipples - Tribal Piercings
:Z.S: Tragic Belly Piercing

✘Accessories✘  *^v^ The Death ^v^ * Immortal
[SOCO] Spike Metal Collar

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