My Secret Little Garden

So after being gone for almost 2 weeks off SecondLife, and then not having posted a blog for probably even longer, I have returned! No sickyness, no busy-ness today!

Made for Perfect Wardrobes new round themed after "Movie Nights" Isis has made this cute little number! 
Appropriately named "Secret Garden". 
Just so damn pretty.
Be warned this round already started on Monday! So hurry down and nab it~!
Also, I would like to give a shout out to Sae Luan, owner of Cute Poison, for allowing me to take my pictures at her store. It was just redone and it was the PERFECT location to do the shots for this.
Instead of my usual paste-onto-a-background and edit dealy, I actually only added effects to this! So pretty. Make sure you stop by her store, and also look forward to future blogs focusing on her stuff mainly! 

P.S. DO. NOT. FORGET!  All piercings are 50% off until the 14th of July. To make way for new mesh piercings to come out.. 
So come grab them.. I will be getting rid of most and a few may stay we will see

Pieces In Le Outfit

✘Shape✘ :Z.S: KaLynn Shape

✘Skin✘ :Z.S: Lindsey Skin #4 - Tone 2 + Full Body Freckles & Blush add-ons

✘Hair✘ Clawtooth : That Pretty Lady - CarmelCream

✘Eyes✘ {Dead Apples} Thunder Eyes - Champagne

✘Ears✘ :Z.S: Mesh Gauged Ears Size 2

✘Horns✘ [AUX] In Dreams - Horns - Onyx

✘Eyelashes✘ AD- Vamp Eyelashes

✘Makeup✘ - DAMNED - Butterfly Effect Makeup 
:Z.S: Fireworks Lips

ψ Brand New!!! ψ ✘Dress✘ :Z.S: Secret Garden Dress

✘Heels✘ secret :p

✘Necklace✘Cute Poison - Guitar Pick Laces (skulls on Wood)

✘Piercings✘ (Remember, most/all of these are 50% off!) 
:Z.S: Bubble Swirl Plug Add-ons
:Z.S: Monroe Piercing
:Z.S: Piercing Set NO.1 Add-on
:Z.S: Simple Nose Ring

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