B.i.t.n.o ∴ A r c a d e ∴ L u c k∴

Are you a shopaholic? Obviously haha otherwise you wouldn't look at a blog to scour and see where a blogger got their goodies. :p
Well their are Gacha's and I know for a fact that people are addicted to them.
Who wouldn't be? A quality store putting amazing products in a tiny RIG machine 
for a low low price? 
Well then you should definitly go check out The Arcade!
It's bloody brilliant I say! But TA isn't the only one that has new goodies out :D
With the "Luck of the Irish" hunt/event happening next week, stores are cranking out all sorts of things.
Like Zombie Suicide for example. The store owner has cranked out the adorable bow you see in the top left corner. 6 bows total from the gacha, I can guarantee you they are all equally as cute!
But wait, there's more!
She's also having a sale on her Anchor Chest Implant and Jada Chest piercing! Go go go!
But wait... There's more!
What's that? Oh yes... There is more.
Cute Poison's cranked out some amazing new things as well. Having bought Slink High feet specifically for 
one of the. :P After she slaved away for over a week at those heels she finally put them out to the public for the 3rd installment of Whore Couture!
2 different fatpacks, each with multiple variations of colours! 
And would you look at that amazing ring? Part of her new set, "Bad Luck"!

But, enough chit chat, let us get to the good parts eh? :P

 .:**:. .:*★*:. .:**:. 
Ƥɨɛɔɛى Iդ Լɛ ʘںեƒɨե
 .:**:. .:*★*:. .:**:. 

∾⊰Eyelashes⊱∾ Pink Acid- Gothicka 2 & Long Diva 2
∾⊰Eyes⊱∾ {Dead Apples} Thunder Eyes - Attack
∾⊰Makeup⊱∾ {MC} Matte Cat eyeliner
∾⊰Gloves⊱∾ !devious Mind - Lolita Wristwraps *Olive*
∾⊰Skin⊱∾ -Glam Affair- Aria skin (asia tone) Combination 12 GACHA ITEM!
∾⊰Hair⊱∾ .Olive. The Flutter Hair (Sleepy reds) GACHA ITEM
∾⊰Implant⊱∾ .Z.S. Chest Implant - Anchor (female)
∾⊰Shape⊱∾ .Z.S. KaLynn Shape
∾⊰Shirt⊱∾ .Z.S. Lilly Skirt v2
∾⊰Top⊱∾ .Z.S. Low Cut leopard Stripe Tops
《ƝƐѠ》 ∾⊰Tail⊱∾ .Z.S. Tentacle Tail + Bow
《ƝƐѠ》 ∾⊰Bow⊱∾ .Z.S. Tentacle Bow v2 RARE 
 ∾⊰Rings⊱∾ Cute Poison - Bad Luck Rings
《ƝƐѠ》 ∾⊰Heels⊱∾ Cute Poison - Maneater Heels Spiked 
 ∾⊰Piercings⊱∾  《ƝƐѠ》 .Z.S. Jada Piercings + Cute Poison- Zephyr Piercing + CP- Anathema Piercings

Linkage Bitches

See ya Next time ! ♥

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