B.I.T.N.O. #004 I'd like to think....

So, I took a 3 month long hiatus due to Real Life issue that suddenly sprung up. Upon coming back I finally bought slink hands. I mean, it took me long enough right? Tango's, slink feet, and now the hands. I'm movin up in the world. I am so thankful that my sponsors kept me on staff as well. But back on point. I bought the hands just in time too, because Cute Poison just released their first set of slink nail appliers! And the colours are adorable! Not to mention, the Arcade just opened up for their June round, so I hit that of course! The balloons symbolize all the stuff I bought there. I'm also going to take a moment to puff my chest in pride. This is my first SL edit done with my pen tablet :D. Look forward to more amazing pieces!

ℙɨɚɔɚƨ ɪɲ ʟɚ σʊτғɨτ

「Skin」-Glam Affair- Liv Skin - Asia 04 (@ The Arcade)
「Eyes」-SU!- Scarlet Eyes - Aquamarine & Silver (Item from the Dark Style Fair)
「Hair」Exile:: London to L.A. - Dark Reds (@The Arcade)
「Hands」Slink AvEnhance Hands Female - Casual
「Tattoos」Custom iNKS - Bad to the Bone || Lovely Dissarray- Agressive Intentions || Riske- Tessellate v1
「Makeup」:Z.S:  Bodify Lip Smudges and Shadows (Items from the Bodify event) ||  [ni.ju] Boa Face Tattoo
「Nails」。Ϯ ℕɘա Ϯ。Cute Poison - Glitter Nails Matte Tips (@Mainstore)
「Ears」[Gauze][][]Trap[][] Ripped Ears Pierced
「Outfit」 [SAKIDE] Modish Jumpsuit Black (Item from the Dark Style Fair)
「Hat」 RO - Sugar Rush - Anise (@The Arcade)
「Rings」.PANIK. - Peace Ring - Silver (Item from Luck of the Irish Gacha Fair) || (Yummy) Single Daisy - White (@The Arcade)
「Piercing」Cute Poison - Tsukimi Piercings
「Necklace」Cute Poison - Tagged Necklaces - Queen (Item from Luck of the Irish Gacha Fair)

See You All Next Time

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