B.I.T.N.O. #006+#007 Best of Both Worlds

This is definitely not my best quality picture. But there was so much going on I just, had to let the original snaps shine through. The Manga Fair and the We ♥ RP  fair just opened! I had to hit both, because, come on. I love both themes whole-heartedly. Plus we have other items thrown into the mix like: Zombie Suicides "Witchery" Rings; Cute Poisons New "Wonderland" Necklace and CP's awesome "Skull" Rings. So be sure to check out each stores great pieces. I'm going to warn now, the only items I'm listing, since there are so many, will be the ones from either event. And the skins/shapes/eyes. :o Sorry! ♥

ℙɨɚɔɚƨ ɪɲ ʟɚ σʊτғɨτ

「W♥RP Skin」{Dead Apples} Lora - Vampire Addition (bone) (@we ♥ rp, appliers separate)
「MF Skin」-Glam Affair- Aria Skin (older arcade item)
「W♥RP Body」:Z.S: KaLynn Shape (personally Modified)
「MF Body」:Z.S: Azaria Shape (personally modified)
「W♥RP Eyes」 E. Beyond Repair - foresight
「MF Eyes」E. Hopeless Romantic - pink
「W♥RP Hair」[RA] Lily Hair - Colours (@ the manga fair)
「MF Hair」 [RA] Dandy Hair - Colours (@ the manga fair)
「W♥RP Tights」Emporium - LV Tights - v5 (@ the manga fair)
「MF Tights」Emporium - LV Tights - v2 (@ the manga fair)
「MF Shirt」[QE] Unico - Pink (@ the manga fair)
「MF Arm Warmers」[QE] Unico - Pink (@ the manga fair)
「MF Skirt」 Emporium - LV Skirt (@ the manga fair)
「W♥RP Necklace」Mad Echo - Titan Necklace (@ the manga fair)
「MF Necklace」 Cute Poison - Wonderland Necklace - Silver (@ Oneword)
「MF Choker」Barely Legal - Angelic Spiked Choker - Purity RARE (@ the manga fair)
「W♥RP Headpiece」.:EMO-tions:. *Heavens Gate* - Red Pack (@ we <3 p="" rp="">「MF Headpiece」[QE] Unico - Pink (@ the manga fair)
「MF Goggles」{Scene} Manga Goggles Gacha - Pink Ahhh (@ the manga fair)
「W♥RP Rings」:Z.S: Witchery Rings 。Ϯ ℕɘա Ϯ。(@ Zombie Dollz) 。|  。Cute Poison - Skull Ring  - Black  。Ϯ ℕɘա Ϯ。(@ Oh My Gacha)
「MF Plushie」Ariskea {Kawaii Plush} Cotton Lolli 3 - Common (@ the manga fair)
「W♥RP Hand Deco」. aisling . Darshana Hand

See You Next Time

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