B.I.T.N.O. #008 I'm a modern sort of... Royal

So I'm always super busy in the summer months, doesn't matter what I'm doing. I'm just always busy. So the last 3 months I've been really elusive, and missed blogging. So after hitting the current Arcade round, I threw pieces from old Suicide Dollz, We <3 a="" and="" bombshell="" by="" don="" events="" fair="" forget="" href="http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/The%20Arcade/134/132/32" made="" manga="" outfit.="" rp="" swing="" t="" target="_blank" this="" to="" together="">The Arcade
, which will be up all month! And support the local stores individually as well ♥
ℙɨɚɔɚƨ ɪɲ ʟɚ σʊτғɨτ

「Skin」 -Glam Affair- Skye - Asia 06 (@the arcade)
「Eyes」 !CS! Lunatic Blue + !CS! Violence Pink
「Hair」 Exile:: Dancing on my own - 13. Natural Fusion 2 (@the arcade)
「Shape」 :Z.S: KaLynn Shape (personally modified for me)
「Tattoos」 :::insanya::: Twisted Hunt - Arm tattoo
「Hands」 Slink Hands Casual - Small
 Clothes & Accessories
「Shirt」 [Twinkle] Tankie - Black Cross
「Pants」 {PopTart} Leggings w/heel (faded pastel)
「Crown」 ~Tableau Vivant~ Hematite crown/ Writer hair Reds (@the arcade)
「Choker」 :FY: Crossed Choker mauve/silver
「Necklace」 +Half-Deer+ A Forests Tale - Heart Key (pink)  (@the arcade)
「Ring」 *GFD* ~ Knuckle Ring (large band) black
「Phone」 .tsg. keitai flip phone - beary-san black
「Bracelets」 : Amorous : You

See You Next Time  

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