Comeback bam!

I've been gone since July... July people... Oh my Gods I've missed blogging.
I've made a picture. It's not my best one but! This is a comeback thing. So... Enjoy :3

This outfit is a combination of a lot of things that came out before I went on my hiatus. 
Cute Poison, Zombie Suicide, Plastik, and my stuff.
So! Enjoy it all, and look forward to the newer shizznizzle coming out!

OH and btw, if you want a personal tattoo or just a custom tattoo message me inworld @ Tsusime Resident. Please send me a NC with complete details. PLEASE. It is imperative.

Moving on :P

Pieces In Le Outfit

✘Skin✘:Z.S: Lindsey Skin #4 Tone 1

✘Eyes✘{Dead Apples} Thunder Eyes - Candy & Space

✘Hair✘TRUTH Hair - Kosie - Fades (Chocmint)

✘Ears✘:Z.S: Plain Mesh Gauged Ears - Size 2

✘Shape✘ :Z.S: KaLynn Shape

✘Eyelashes✘AD- Vamp Lashes

✘Makeup✘{MC} "Tuesday" Turquoise Days
:[P]: - Ataciara Makeups - Darker Lips

✘Tattoo✘ .:HeNu:. Zebracake Tattoo (personal)

✘Horns✘ .:HeNu:. Zamin Horns v1

✘Piercings✘ :Z.S: Lien Nose Piercing
:Z.S: Rean Chest Piercing
Cute Poison - Declivity Earrings
Cute Poison - Hip Accent Piercings

✘Jewelry✘ :[P]: Friendship Twist - I <3 Turtles
Cute Poison - Bete Noire Necklace - Silver

✘Gloves & Socks✘ Angry Kitty - Torn 

✘Shirt✘ :Z.S: Suicide Top - Black Pinstripe

✘Shorts✘ :Z.S: Black Cut Off Jean Shorts

✘Boots✘ :[P]: Malicious Boots - Decay

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