It's My Birthday! (Not Really)

So, It's been a while since I did a Strawberry Singh Blog :3 and Today I am gonna do just that!
So no, it's not really my birthday. But that's what she asked  about lol.

(I had no pics birthday related from SL so this is a picture of me last Friday at a Rave :D)

  1. When is your birthday? – January 11th, 17 days after Christmas... Not that I ever counted
  2. Pick one person who shares your birthday and share what you know about them. – I actually don't know anyone who has the same birthday as me o.o BUT My (RL) little brother's father Mark Ballou has a birthday on the 16th, and when I was younger we always did something together on mine. Like bowling :3
  3. List one notable event that took place on your birthday. – Quite a bit acutally. In 1996 the space shuttle Endeavor 10 launched into space. And 2 semi-major things happened this year (2013).29 people are killed and 12 are injured after a bus veers off a mountain road in Doti, Nepal & 46 people are killed and 12 are missing after a landslide buries a village in the Yunnan province, China. 
  4. Tell us about a holiday that falls on your birthday. – No Holiday actually :/ My birthday is stuck between New years and MLK day.
And this has been my blog :D


  1. Mine is December 27...birthdays shouldn't be allowed within a month of Christmas, just sayin'!

    1. omg ikr?! It's like a travesty or something. So not fair lol


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