Fighting In The Name of... Anti-Love?

Yeah I bet that title confuses you. 
But lookie at the picture and you'll see why :D

After being gone for months.. And I mean months!
I have made something new in correlation with my bundle I made on IMVU.
I present, the F*ck Love Fighter!

Oh gosh it's been so long I need to get back into the swing of things xD

This blog will be without links and such, seeing as it's more of a me announcing I'm back.
But I will give credit where credit is due :3

For starters, check out these shoes. Bitchin' right?
See originally I had made the shorts, socks and shirt to look kinda sloppy, thus the windswept unbrushed hair.
But then, I added the shoes and some red make up.. And it hit me.
Add some bloody lips and stuff, and she looks like a scruffer! 
A little fighter :D Ugh I fell in love with it.
I mean I already loved Zombie Suicide's studded converse, but this just solidified it :3

Hair- Red Mint

Body, Skin, Chest Implant - Zombie Suicide

Ears - Gauze

Eyes- Dead Apples

Shoes, Makeup & Pretty Much everything else- Zombie Suicide

Tattoo - Made that myself <3

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